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Volume 22, Issue 2, Pages 131-220 (April 2003)

Advances in the Study of Drawing and Handwriting
Edited by R.G.J. Meulenbroek and A.W.A. van Gemmert

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  Editorial Board
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  Advances in the study of drawing and handwriting
Pages 131-135
Ruud G. J. Meulenbroek and Arend W. A. Van Gemmert
  Eye–hand coupling during closed-loop drawing: Evidence of shared motor planning?
Pages 137-152
G. Anthony Reina and Andrew B. Schwartz
  Approaches to analysis of handwriting as a task of coordinating a redundant motor system
Pages 153-171
Mark L. Latash, Frederic Danion, John F. Scholz, Vladimir M. Zatsiorsky and Gregor Schöner
  Adaptation to display rotation and display gain distortions during drawing
Pages 173-187
Ariel D. Prager and José L. Contreras-Vidal
  Cerebellar ataxia: Quantitative assessment and cybernetic interpretation
Pages 189-205
Vittorio Sanguineti, Pietro G. Morasso, Luigi Baratto, Giampaolo Brichetto, Giovanni Luigi Mancardi and Claudio Solaro
  Time delays prior to movement alter the drawing kinematics of elderly adults
Pages 207-220
Diana H. Romero, Arend W. A. Van Gemmert, Charles H. Adler, Harold Bekkering and George E. Stelmach
articles 1 - 8