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Motor Control

Volume 8, Issue 4 (October 2004)


Connecting Sciences Using Graphonomic Research
Arend W.A. Van Gemmert; Hans-Leo Teulings

Original Research

From Parallel Sequence Representations to Calligraphic Control: A Conspiracy of Neural Circuits
Daniel Bullock

Rotational Equilibrium During Multi-Digit Pressing and Prehension
Mark L. Latash; Jae Kun Shim; Fan Gao; Vladimir M. Zatsiorsky

Stability of Coordination Patterns in Handwriting: Effects of Speed and Hand
Isabelle Sallagoïty; Sylvie Athènes; Pier-Giorgio Zanone; Jean-Michel Albaret

Age-Related Differences in the Control of Multijoint Movements
Caroline J. Ketcham; Natalia V. Dounskaia; George E. Stelmach

Force Levels in Uni- and Bimanual Isometric Tasks Affect Variability Measures Differently Throughout Lifespan
Bouwien C.M. Smits-Engelsman; Gerard P. Van Galen; Jacques Duysens

Visuomotor Adaptation in Children with Developmental Coordination Disorder
Florian A. Kagerer; Jin Bo; Jose L. Contreras-Vidal; Jane E. Clark

Handwriting and Attention in Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Oliver Tucha; Klaus W. Lange

Submovements Grow Larger, Fewer, and More Blended During Stroke Recovery
Brandon Rohrer; Susan Fasoli; Hermano Igo Krebs; Bruce Volpe; Walter R. Frontera; Joel Stein; Neville Hogan

Comparison of Pallidal and Subthalamic Stimulation on Force Control in Patient’s with Parkinson’s Disease
Jay L. Alberts; Christopher M. Elder; Michael S. Okun; Jerrold L. Vitek

Functional Changes in Brain Activity During Acquisition and Practice of Movement Sequences
Hanneke I. van Mier; Joel S. Perlmutter; Steven E. Petersen

Are Graphomotor Tasks Affected by Working in the Contralateral Hemispace in 6- To 10-Year-Old Children?
Bouwien C.M. Smits-Engelsman; Stephan P. Swinnen; Jacques Duysens

Learning Multiple Visuomotor Transformations: Adaptation and Context-Dependent Recall
Sima Mistry; Jose L. Contreras-Vidal

Using the Framework of the Kinematic Theory for the Definition of a Movement Primitive
Anna Woch; Réjean Plamondon