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Volume 25, Issues 4-5, Pages 447-694 (October 2006)

Advances in Graphonomics: Studies on Fine Motor Control, Its Development and Disorders
Edited by Arend W.A. Van Gemmert and Hans-Leo Teulings
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  Advances in graphonomics: Studies on fine motor control, its development and disorders
Pages 447-453
Arend W.A. Van Gemmert and Hans-Leo Teulings
 Movement Disorders
  Pathophysiology of writer’s cramp
Pages 454-463
Mark Hallett
  Modified pen grip in the treatment of Writer’s Cramp
Pages 464-473
Barbara Baur, Thomas Schenk, Waltraud Fürholzer, Johanna Scheuerecker, Christian Marquardt, Georg Kerkhoff and Joachim Hermsdörfer
  Spiral drawing performance as an indicator of fine motor function in people with multiple sclerosis
Pages 474-491
M.G. Longstaff and R.A. Heath
  Brain dopamine and kinematics of graphomotor functions
Pages 492-509
Klaus W. Lange, Lara Mecklinger, Susanne Walitza, Georg Becker, Manfred Gerlach, Markus Naumann and Oliver Tucha
  Quantitative measurement of handwriting in the assessment of drug-induced parkinsonism
Pages 510-522
Michael P. Caligiuri, Hans-Leo Teulings, J. Vincent Filoteo, David Song and James B. Lohr
 Attention, Arousal, Vision, and Fine Motor Control
  The effect of caffeine on handwriting movements in skilled writers
Pages 523-535
Oliver Tucha, Susanne Walitza, Lara Mecklinger, Dorota Stasik, Thomas-A. Sontag and Klaus W. Lange
  Attention and movement execution during handwriting
Pages 536-552
Oliver Tucha, Lara Mecklinger, Susanne Walitza and Klaus W. Lange
  Effects of increased complexity of visuo-motor transformations on children’s arm movements
Pages 553-567
J. Bo, J.L. Contreras-Vidal, F.A. Kagerer and J.E. Clark
  Eye–hand interactions in tracing and drawing tasks
Pages 568-585
Emma Gowen and R. Chris Miall
 Models and Recognition
  A multi-level representation paradigm for handwriting stroke generation
Pages 586-607
Réjean Plamondon and Moussa Djioua
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  Automatic segmentation as a tool for examining the handwriting process of children with dysgraphic and proficient handwriting
Pages 608-621
Sara Rosenblum, Assaf Y. Dvorkin and Patrice L. Weiss
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 Aspects of Development of Fine Motor Control
  Abrupt, but not gradual visuomotor distortion facilitates adaptation in children with developmental coordination disorder
Pages 622-633
F.A. Kagerer, J.L. Contreras-Vidal, J. Bo and J.E. Clark
  Development of forward models for hand localization and movement control in 6- to 10-year-old children
Pages 634-645
José L. Contreras-Vidal
  Remembering the orientation of newly learned characters depends on the associated writing knowledge: A comparison between handwriting and typing
Pages 646-656
Marieke Longcamp, Céline Boucard, Jean-Claude Gilhodes and Jean-Luc Velay
  Developmental differences in drawing performance of the dominant and non-dominant hand in right-handed boys and girls
Pages 657-677
Hanneke van Mier
  Bimanual interference in children performing a dual motor task
Pages 678-693
E. Otte and H.I. van Mier
articles 1 - 18