Hans-Leo Teulings, NeuroScript, Tempe, AZ, USA, www.neuroscript.net

Hans-Leo Teulings

IGS Website Manager (2007-2017)
o Handwriting movement recording in experimental paradigms, processing, and visualization
o Filtering, segmentation, feature extraction
o Aging
o Parkinson's disease
o Schizophrenia
o Education
o Stuttering
o Image processing e.g.,
Handwriting in Dutch schools. CITO Ppon Report #50 (2012) based on 2009. DOWNLOAD: http://www.cito.nl/~/media/cito_nl/files/onderzoek en wetenschap/ppon/cito_ppon_balans_50.ashx
(Handwriting measurements done N.C.S.R Demokritos and NeuroScript)
Handwriting in Dutch schools. CITO Ppon Report #22 (2003) based on 1999. DOWNLOAD: http://www.cito.nl/~/media/cito_nl/files/onderzoek en wetenschap/ppon/cito_ppon_balans_22.ashx

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Abstracts at Pubmed.gov (some full papers can be downloaded)

Resume (CV) and Biography (selection) at neuroscript.net
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