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Hans-Leo Teulings

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Table of Contents

Experimental Analysis of Variation and Individuality of Japanese Handwriting
Matsuo K. and Ueda K. 3

Problem Types of Questioned Handwritten Text for Forensic Document Examiners
Found B. and Rogers D. 8

A Discrete-Time Model of Human Motor Learning
Rohrer B. and Hulet S. 13

Adaptation to Visuomotor Distortions In Children with Developmental Coordination Disorder
Kagerer F. A., Contreras Vidal J. L., Bo J. and Clark J. E. 18

Developmental Differences in Dominant and Non-dominant Hand Performance in Drawing Tasks
Van Mier H., Huiskamp K. and Akse C. 22

Eye-hand Interactions in Drawing and Tracing Tasks
Gowen E. and Miall C. 27

Pathophysiology of Writer’s Cramp
Hallet M. 32

An Oscillatory Neural Network Model for Handwriting Generation
Gangadhar G. and Chakravarthy V. S. 39

Delta-Lognormal Parameter Estimation by Non-Linear Regression and Evolutionary Algorithm:
A Comparative Study
Plamondon R., Djioua M., Marcelli A. and Della Cioppa A. 44

Computer-Based Diagnosis of Dyspraxia: the MEDDRAW PROJECT
Glenat S., Heutte L., Paquet T. and Mellier D. 49

Design and Prototype of a Support System for Archeologists to Decode Scripts on Mokkan
Kitadai A., Saito K., Hachiya D., Nakagawa M., Baba H. and Watanabe A. 54

Global Feature Selection for On-Line Signature Verification
Ketabdar H., Richiardi J. and Drygajlo A. 59

On-line Recognition of Renqun Shorthand for Fast Mobile Chinese Text Entry
Ma Y. and Leedham G. 64

On the Beta-Elliptic Model for the Control of the Human Arm Movement
Bezine H., Kefi M. and Alimi A. M. 69

Writing Practice Influences Mirror-Normal Character Judgement
Longcamp M., Boucard C., Gilhodes J. C. and Velay J. L. 74

A Two-Level Evaluation Scheme for Chinese Handwriting Characters
Peng B. and Leung H. 79

Automatic Segmentation as a Tool for Examining the Handwriting Process of Children
with Dysgraphic and Proficient Handwriting
Rosenblum S., Dvorkin A. Y. and Weiss P. L 84

Children’s Handwriting During Therapy
Froude E. H. and Rogers D. K. 91

Handwriting Teaching Tool for Children
Teulings H.-L., Teulings H., Romero D. H. and Subramanian R. 95

An Evolutionary Clustering Method for Handwriting Recognition
Cordella L. P., De Stefano C., Fontanella F. and Marcelli A. 103

Dynamic Time Warping in Subspaces for On-Line Signature Verification
Pacut A. and Putz-Leszczyńska J. 108

Features for Mode Detection in Natural Online Pen Input
Willems D. J. M., Rossignol S. and Vuurpijl L. G. 113

Handwriting Recognition of Whiteboard Notes
Liwicki M. and Bunke H. 118

Handwriting Copybook Style Analysis of Pseudo-Online Data
Manfredi M. L., Cha S.-H., Yoon S. and Tappert C. C. 123

Visual Processes and Features in Human Reading of Cursive Handwriting
Avallone L., De Stefano C., Gambone C. and Marcelli A. 128

Writer Demographic Classification Using Bagging and Boosting
Srihari S. N. and Bandi K. R. 133

Writer Identification Using an HMM-Based Handwriting Recognition System: To Normalize the
Input or Not?
Schlapbach A. and Bunke H. 138

Robotic Handwriting: Why and How?
Potkonjak V. 143

Signature Verification Using the Kolmogorov-Smirnov Statistic
Srinivasan H., Beal Matthew J. and Srihari Sargur N. 152

The Relative Strength of Forensic Document Examiners’ Identification and Elimination Opinions
on Individuals' Natural Writings
Found B. and Rogers D. 157

A Wavelet Based Curve Decomposition Method for On-Line Handwriting
De Stefano C., D’Elia C., Garruto M., Marcelli A. and Scotto di Freca A. 162

Anthropic Inverse Kinematics of Robot Manipulators in Handwriting Tasks
Caggiano V., Villani L., De Santis A., Siciliano B. and Boccignone G. 168

Handwriting and Attention
Tucha O., Kaunzinger I. and Lange K. W. 173

Perceptual Zoning for Handwritten Character Recognition
Aires S. B. K. , Freitas C. O. A., Bortolozzi F. and Sabourin R. 178

Processing of Handwritten Arabic Document Images
Farooq F., Govindaraju V. and Perrone M. 183

Training-Induced Changes of Handwriting Kinematics and Writing Pressure in Patients with
Writer’s Cramp
Baur B., Steidle B., Scheuerecker J., Marquardt C. and Hermsdorfer J. 188

Writer Style Adaptation of On-line Handwriting Recognizers: A Fuzzy Mechanism Approach
Mouchère H., Anquetil É. and Ragot N. 193

Online Handwriting Recognition Using Time-Order of Lexical and Signal Co-Occurrences
Joshi A. and Nagy G. 201

Template-based Synthetic Handwriting Generation for theTraining of Recognition Systems
Varga T., Kilchhofer D. and Bunke H. 206

Training of Hybrid ANN/HMM Systems for On-line Handwritten Word Recognition
Caillault E., Viard-Gaudin C. and Lallican P.M. 212

Using Dynamic Time Warping for Intuitive Handwriting Recognition
Niels R. and Vuurpljl L. 217

Development of Bimanual Coordination in 4 to 11-year-old Children
Otte E. and Van Mier H 222

Examination of Sequence Learning Using a Novel, Graphomotor Task in Experts, Controls,
and Parkinson’s Disease Patients: A Behavioral & fMRI Study.
Swett B., Braun A. and Contreras-Vidal J. L. 227

Feature-based Assessment of Visuospatial Neglect Severity in a Computer-based Line
Cancellation Task
Kaplani E., Guest R. M. and Fairhurst M.C. 232

The Effect of Caffeine on Handwriting Movements in Skilled Writers
Tucha O., Stasik D., Mecklinger L., Karl I. and Lange K. W. 237
Analysis of Handwritten Documents by 3D Micro-topography.
Schirripa Spagnolo G. 242

Handwriting Stroke Trajectory Variability in the Context of the Kinematic Theory
Plamondon R. and Djioua M. 250
Switching Among Graphic Patterns is Governed by Coordination Dynamics of Handwriting
Zanone P. G., Athenes S., Sallagoïty I. and Albaret J. M. 255

Comfortable Textual Data Entry for PocketPC: the WTX System
Ancona M., Locati S., Mancini M., Romagnoli A. and Quercini G. 261

Contribution of Global Temporal Information for Authentication by On-Line Handwritten
Wirotius M., Ramel J. Y. and Vincent N. 266

Effects of Removing Visual Information of the Moving Limb on Accuracy Control in Cerebral
Van Roon D., Steenbergen B. and Meulenbroek R.G.J. 271

Handwriting Fluency after Acute Phenylalanine-Tyrosine Depletion
Lange K. W., Mecklinger L., Schecklmann M. and Tucha O. 276

Handwriting Invariants by Stroke Sequence Matching
De Stefano C., Marcelli A., Garruto M. and Lapresa L. 281

The Graphology Applied to Signature Verification
Oliveira L. S., Justino E., Freitas C. and Sabourin R. 286

Assessing Behavioural Characteristics of Dyspraxia Through On-Line Drawing Analysis
Fairhurst M. C., Hoque S. and Boyle T. J 291

Effects of the Transcutaneous Electrical Movement Timing Stimulator (TEMTS) on Hand
Kinesthesia and Drawing in Parkinson's Disease
Contreras-Vidal J. L., Gold D. and Gesotti P. 296

Quantitative Measurement of Handwriting in the Assessment of Drug-Induced Parkinsonism
Caligiuri M. P., Teulings H. L., Filoteo J. V., Song D. and Lohr J. B. 300

Spiral Drawing as an Indicator of Fine Motor Function in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis
Longstaff M. G. and Heath R. A. 305
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