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IGS2011 Regististration Options
The IGS Membership and IGS Conference Registration for members and students/postdocs is fully automated using Registration Option 1. If you select Registration Options 2 or 3, please, ensure that you also register as an IGS member by logging into the IGS forum and email the IGS Conference Chair of any manual changes of status required.

Switch language or country on the PayPal page! In the drop down menu:" Land "Nederland" select "Verenigd Koninkrijk" (=UK) or "Verenigde Staten" (=USA).

Credit Card or Debit Card appears ONLY when clicking "Don't have a PayPal Account?" or "Continue" (after switching to English).

Reserve also your hotel (Click here)

(1) Credit Card or Debit Card via PayPal + Registering or Renewing IGS membership (Click here).
Register or renew and receive IGS membership instantly by paying the IGS membership fee by logging into the forum. If qualified for student/postdoc IGS member, enter request for automatic qualification. Then, pay IGS2011 Registration while logged in at the IGS forum.

(2) Credit Card or Debit Card via PayPal directly without registering or renewing IGS membership.
Please, register also at the IGS forum (See Registration Option 1). To request upgrading your IGS forum registration to IGS member or student/postdoc IGS member, please email pepeum@umd.edu

Select your Payment, then click Buy Now

(3) Bank transfer to IGS in The Netherlands: Stichting International Graphonomics Society
For instructions, please, email pepeum@umd.edu. Please, register also for the IGS forum (See (1)). To upgrade your registration to IGS member or student/postdoc IGS member, please email pepeum@umd.edu

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