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INSTRUCTIONS FOR POSTER PREPARATION: Please follow the format of the Society for Neuroscience poster presentation available (sample included) at www.sfn.org/am2010/index.aspx?pagename=resources_presentation#posters



Submitted papers should fall in one of the following categories:

SURVEY OR TUTORIAL presenting the state of the art for any of the conference topics, possibly focusing on the role that inter-disciplinarity has played in shaping that specific field.

o RESEARCH papers (4 pages) describe either theoretical or experimental works that have reached conclusive results.

o ON-GOING RESEARCH papers (4 pages) describe partial/preliminary results, successful applications of well-known techniques to specific domains, original or enhanced algorithms, or experimental methodologies.

o POSITION ABSTRACTS (1 page) can be presented at a Special Poster Session linked to the main Special Session. This is intended to showcase recent breakthroughs and ongoing work and to facilitate discussion/debate.


Selected papers will be published in Special Issues in:

COMPUTERS IN BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE: Brain-Computer/Machine Interfaces

HUMAN MOVEMENT SCIENCE. See previous issues: 28(5), 25(4-5), 22(2).


At least one author for each accepted paper must register for the conference for the paper to appear in the published Proceedings.


4-Page Format for IGS2011 Proceedings:: MS Word Template of abstract for Authors

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To prepare your review offline:
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Comments to Author(s): As detailed as possible
Comments to Editors: Few sentences
Numerical Scores: 5, 4, 3, 2, or 1 (5 means excellent, 1 means requires lots of work). Please, score the following criteria
1. Relevance to IGS Conference Topic Area:
2. Novelty, Innovation, Originality:
3. Clarity of Presentation:
4. Language, Grammar:
5. Technical Correctness, Methodology:
6. Experimental Evaluation of Theory, Validation of Results, Correctness, Scientific Contribution:
7. Overall Rating (by entering a numerical score here the editor will know you finished the review!):

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