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The 15th International Graphonomics Society Conference (IGS2011)


Live Aqua Cancun, MEXICO

June 12-15, 2011



 Accommodations at Live Aqua Cancun along the Mayan coast of Mexico.

Live Aqua Cancun is an all-inclusive(***) hotel, and IGS2011 has arranged spectacular accommodations at outstanding rates:

Room type(**)

Run of Ocean, single occupancy

Run of Ocean, double occupancy

Run of Ocean

Triple occupancy


US$295/per person/per day(*)

US$198/per person/per day(*)

US$120/per person/per day(*)

Rates will be honored three days before and after the conference start and ending dates, respectively, based on space and rate availability

If you choose not to stay at the Aqua hotel (IGS conference headquarters), you will be subjected to the following fees, payable directly to the hotel in a daily basis:
Option 1: Conference day pass includes daily group functions. No other restaurants and bars at property included. US$65 per person per day.
Option 2: FULL Day pass Including Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks at our Bars Access to Unlimited Bar up to 6:00 PM in all our restaurants and bars US$120 per person per day.

(*) Tax (VAT) will be added to your hotel bill at registration. However, once you present your (foreign) passport and tourist card these taxes will be adjusted (deducted) at front desk.

(**) Room and Ride Sharing: Email to igs.2011.cancun@gmail.com: Name, Gender, Arrival/departure dates, Preference (double or triple, however desired room occupancy is not guaranteed).
You can also leave a message at the IGS2011 forum. Login or register first and enter your profile of interests.

(***) All inclusive includes:

  • Room accommodations a restful sanctuary delight
  • Room taxes
  • Breakfast Buffet in Siete Restaurant
  • Lunch Buffet in Siete or AZUR Restaurants
  • Dinner at Siete, AZUR or MB (with previous reservation and adults only) and Banquet & Reception
  • Premium open bar
  • Room service 24 hrs
  • Mini Bar
  • International and Domestic calls (does not include cell phones)
  • Service charges and gratuites
  • All taxes included (if accommodations paid with non-Mexican credit card and Non-Mexican passport)
  • Bottle of wine in room
  • Coffee breaks during meeting sessions
  • Complimentary access fitness center
  • Complimentary wireless internet connection


Instructions for room reservations:

For hotel registration customer support: Email Blanco Flor <fblanco@posadas.com>

1.    Get a Confirmation number for your room reservation using one of the options below:

1.     From the US, call 1-800-343-782, GROUP CODE: GOQJH@AQU

2.     From Mexico, call +998-881-76-29, GROUP CODE: GOQJH@AQU

3.     Reservation via internet: http://www.feel-aqua.com, use GROUP CODE: GOQJH@AQU

4.     Reservations via email: mailto:rinternet@posadas.com, use GROUP CODE: GOQJH@AQU, and include the following  information in your request:

a.     Name

b.     Address

c.      Telephone

d.     Date of Arrival

e.     Date  of departure

f.      room type desired: King, double, triple occupancy

g.     fill in the credit card authorization form and attach to your email to secure your reservation. Your credit card will be charged in full.

2.     Fill  in the card authorization form and fax +52-998- 8817601 to the hotel to secure your reservation. Your credit card will be charged in full. Less safe is to email (mailto:rinternet@posadas.com) to the hotel.

3.     IMPORTANT: You need to complete steps 1 and 2 to secure your room(s) for IGS2011

4.     Please indicate whether children will accompany you, including number of children and ages, and whether you want them to stay in your room or want separate rooms.

5.     Thank you!




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