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World Scientific
October 1990 (Order)

edited by R Plamondon (Ecole Polytechnique, Montreal) & G Leedham (Univ. Essex)

This book presents 17 selected papers from the 4th International Graphonomics Society Conference, held at the University of Trondheim (Norway) in July 1989. It focusses on different aspects of automatic processing of handwriting by computer. The book is divided into three sections. The first one surveys the research works done on automatic signature verification over the last 25 years. The second section deals with problems related to the design of on-line cursive script recognition and the implementation of this technology into an electronic pen pad. The third section focusses on the integration of contextual knowledge in these systems.


  • Identity Verification from Automatic Signature Processing: Designing an Automatic Signature Verifier: Problem Definition and System Description (R Plamondon & G Lorette)
  • Automatic Processing of Signature Images: Static Techniques and Methods (R Plamondon et al.)
  • On-Line Symbols and Script Recognition: The PAD (Pen and Display) — A Demonstrator for the Electronic Paper Project (C A Higgins & R J Duckworth)
  • A Prediction-Verification Strategy for Automatic Recognition of Cursive Handwriting (H Oulhadj et al.)
  • Context and Knowledge: The Use of Orthographic Information for Script Recognition (C J Wells et al.)
  • Automatic Perception of the Structure of Handwritten Mathematical Expressions (C Faure & Z-X Wang)
  • and other papers

Readership: Computer scientists, engineers and graphonomists.

424pp Pub. date: Oct 1990
ISBN 981-02-0408-6 US$120 / £83
ISBN 981-02-0520-1(pbk) US$58 / £40