Accepted papers (Oral)

Antonio Parziale and Angelo Marcelli. Should we look at curvature or velocity to extract a Motor Program?

Serena Starita, Katerina Iscra, Monica Guerra, Lorenzo Pascazio and Agostino Accardo. Spectral Analysis of Handwriting Kinetic Tremor in Elderly Parkinsonian Patients

Jean-François Connan, Marianne Jover, Alexandrine Saint Cast and Jérémy Danna. Does Modifying visual feedback facilitate learning to write?

Miguel A. Ferrer, Moises Diaz, Cristina Carmona-Duarte, Jose Juan Quintana and Réjean Plamondon. iDeLog3D: Sigma-Lognormal Analysis of 3DHuman Movements

Carina Fernandes, Gemma Montalvo, Michael Pertsinakis and Joana Guimarães. Signature Execution in Alzheimer’s disease: an analysis of motor features

Liat Hen-Herbst and Sara Rosenblum. Handwriting Performance, Motor Coordination and Quality of Life Among Adolescents with Dysgraphia

Yael Fogel and Sara Rosenblum. The Mental Effort Allocated in Handwriting Production among Adolescents with Executive Function Deficits

Angelo Marcelli and Antonio Parziale. Forensic Handwriting Examination at IGS conferences: A review by numbers

Gaëlle Alhaddad, Jérémy Danna, Céleste Younes-Harb, Jean-Luc Velay and Marieke Longcamp. Effects of Biscriptuality on Graphomotor Coordination Dynamics

Martin Spoto, Beat Wolf, Andreas Fischer and Anna Scius-Bertrand. Improving handwriting recognition for historical documents using synthetic text lines

Francesco Fontanella, Claudio De Stefano, Nicole Dalia Cilia, Tiziana D’Alessandro, Miguel Ferrer, Moises Diaz and Cristina Carmona. Lognormal features for early Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease through handwriting analysis

Ana Rita Matias, Filipe Melo, Beatriz Costa, Hans-Leo Teulings and Gabriela Almeida. Copy of geometric figures in children from 4 to 6 years old: a kinematic analysis

Zoltán Galáž, Jiří Mekyska, Ján Mucha, Vojtěch Zvončák, Zdeněk Smékal, Marcos Faundez-Zanuy, Luboš Brabenec, Ivona Morávková and Irena Rektorová. Prodromal Diagnosis of Lewy Body Diseases Based on the Assessment of Graphomotor and Handwriting Difficulties

Vincent Christlein, Isabelle Marthot-Santaniello, Martin Mayr, Anguelos Nicolaou and Mathias Seuret. Writer Retrieval and Writer Identification in Greek Papyri

Jan Mucha, Zoltán Galáž, Jiri Mekyska, Marcos Faundez-Zanuy, Vojtech Zvoncak, Zdenek Smekal, Lubos Brabenec and Irena Rektorova. Exploration of Various Fractional Order Derivatives in Parkinson’s Disease Dysgraphia Analysis

Alicia Fornés, Asma Bensalah, Cristina Carmona-Duarte, Jialuo Chen, Miguel Ferrer, Andreas Fischer, Josep Llados, Cristina Martín, Eloy Opisso, Réjean Plamondon, Anna Scius-Bertrand and Josep Maria Tormos. The RPM3D project: 3D Kinematics for Remote Patient Monitoring

Gennaro Gemito, Angelo Marcelli and Antonio Parziale. Generation of synthetic drawing samples to diagnose Parkinson’s disease

Matej Gazda, Máté Hireš and Peter Drotár. Ensemble of convolutional neural networks for Parkinson’s disease diagnosis from offline handwriting

Nadir Faci, Cristina Carmona-Duarte, Moises Diaz, Miguel Ferrer and Réjean Plamondon. Comparison between two Sigma-Lognormal extractors with primary schools students handwriting

Serena Starita, Monica Guerra, Lorenzo Pascazio and Agostino Accardo. Enhanced Physiological Tremor in Normal Ageing: Kinematic and Spectral Analysis of Elderly Handwriting

Yury Chernov. Handwriting markers of Alzheimer’s disease and its progression

Simone Toffoli, Francesca Lunardini, Monica Parati, Matteo Gallotta, Manuel Muletti, Chiara Belloni, Maria Elisabetta Dell’Anna and Simona Ferrante. Classification of Patients with Parkinson’s Disease Using Free Handwriting Features Collected through a Smart Ink Pen

Giuseppe De Gregorio, Ilaria Citro and Angelo Marcelli. Transcript Alignment for Historical Handwritten Documents: The MiM Algorithm

Vincenzo Gattulli, Donato Impedovo, Giuseppe Pirlo and Gianfranco Semeraro. Early dementia identification: on the use of random handwriting strokes

Tomasz Kordziukiewicz, Anastasiya Kreidzich, Moises Diaz and Kanstantsin Miatliuk. Implementing Human-Robot Interaction to Mimic Human Writing

Deborah Watson, Zhujun Pan, Qun Fang, Arend Van Gemmert and Chris Aiken. Age Reduces Motor Asymmetry in Graphic Task

Celine Remi and Jimmy Nagau. Copilotrace: a platform to process graphomotor tasks for education and graphonomics research

Marie Anne Nauer. Numeric Approach in Handwriting Comparison

Ana Rita do Amaral Matias, Filipe Melo, Helena Coradinho, Orlando Fernandes, Guillaume de Broin and Réjean Plamondon. Effects of a graphomotor intervention on the Graphic Skills of children: an analysis with the Sigma-Lognormal model

Mohammad Saleem and Bence Kovari. Signature down-sampling for finger input online signature verification

Accepted papers (Posters)

Walid Bouamra, Miguel Angel Ferrer Ballester, Moises Diaz and Brahim Nini. Spiral based Run-Length Features for Offline Signature Verification

Asma Bensalah, Alicia Fornés, Cristina Carmona-Duarte and Josep Lladós. Easing Automatic Neurorehabilitation via Classification and Smoothness Analysis

Gergely Hanczár, Erika Griechisch, Ákos Molnár and Gábor Tóth. Motor Movement Data Collection from Older People with Tablets and Digital Pen-based Input Devices

Moises Diaz, Gioele Crispo, Antonio Parziale, Angelo Marcelli and Miguel Ferrer. Impact of Writing Order Recovery in Automatic Signature Verification

Najla Alqawasmeh, Muna Khayyat and Ching Y. Suen. Automatic Age Detection from Handwritten Documents

Yunqi Xu and Yee Suen Ching. Recognition of Psychological Wartegg Hand-drawings

Thiago Borduqui, Erick Silva, Priscila Sily and Paula Shimabuko. Evolution of Features in Forged Signatures along with Practicing

Aaron Colverson. Relationships Between Rhythm Perception, Learning, Performance, and Cognition in the Healthy Aging Population

Afnan Garoot and Ching Suen. Measuring the Big Five Factors from Handwriting using Ensemble Learning Model AvgMlSC