12th Conference of the International
Graphonomics Society (IGS)

26-29 June 2005, Salerno, Italy (near Naples)

Conference chair: Angelo Marcelli (amarcelli@***unisa.it)

Conference co-chair: Claudio De Stefano (destefano@***unicas.it)

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Special Theme: Advances in Graphonomics: Perceiving, Deciding, Acting

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The IGS2005 conference will bring together the world’s leading scientists and professionals in fine motor control, handwriting, and other hand, finger, and arm movements and their applications in computer interaction and processing, education, forensic science, medicine, and other novel applications.

Please, remember to monitor this site. You may want to use the following additional information sources.

Salerno, Italy

o Scrib-L mailing list for handwriting researchers (www.Graphonomics.org/scribl.php)

o Bulletin of the International Graphonomics Society (BIGS) (www.cedar.buffalo.edu/igs/)

o Full papers will soon be invited for submission to: Human Movement Science

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