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The latest update to the software FIFA 23 has added four stadiums specifically for the NWSL FUT 23 Coins and an entire Tournament Mode for the league and all 12 NWSL teams and their players. More players means a more sufficient and realistic FIFA 23 women's ranking list in addition, and you'll be amazed at how only a few American women make it to this top 10. given how frequently we are able to win World Cup tourneys.

How to do new Cristiano Ronaldo 'nap' celebration in FIFA 23

Cristiano Ronaldo is among the most famous names in world football, and it's therefore no surprise that he is an important role on the field of FIFA 23. He's not just one of the most highly-rated Ultimate Team players, but EA were quick to update the database once he had secured his surprise move in the direction of Saudi team Al Nassr.

The Portugal star also has his famous Siu celebration, which was featured in FIFA 23. as one of the numerous ways that players can display after scoring goals in The Career Mode and Ultimate Team. After a minor update, FIFA 23 fans can also enjoy Ronaldo's latest "nap celebration.

It's important to remember that, since the FIFA 23 update, Ronaldo now has two standard celebrations, the nap move mentioned above or his trademark Siu celebration. It's impossible to tell which of these two he'll choose, but you're sure to notice it if you keep clicking on the internet.

The disadvantage of this technique is, unlike other celebrations in FIFA 23. only the player himself can be capable of performing it. This means you'll have to play the role of Al Nassr and choose to play as Ronaldo for Career Mode, or buy one of his cards from available as part of Ultimate Team.

It is unclear at this point the outcome of whether EA will add the new nap-themed showboat to its list of possible showboats and allow players to recreate it by using the same button combination. We'll be sure to update this page in the event of any changes.

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