Australia does not impose any official entry restrictions on persons entering the country based on nationality alone.

All visitors (other than those travelling on a New Zealand passport) travelling to Australia from overseas, including those attending congresses, are required to obtain a Visitor/Business Visa. This type of visa allows a business person to take a short visit of up to three months to Australia.

Examples of appropriate activities include a conference, negotiation or an exploratory business visit. A single entry or multiple entry Visa may be issued. Australia’s Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) is an electronically-stored authority for travel to Australia for short-term or business entry. The ETA is the most advanced and streamlined travel authorisation system in the world. It replaces the visa label or stamp in a passport and removes the need for application forms. It enables visitors to Australia to obtain authority to enter at the same time as they book their travel arrangements. ETA’s are available to passport holders from over 30 countries and locations.

The APEC Business Travel Card provides travel help for business people from Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) economies. The card simplifies business travel, and gives accredited business people pre-cleared entry to participating APEC economies. Card holders enjoy pre-cleared short-term entry to participating economies, therefore eliminated the need to individually apply for visas; multiple entry to these economies; and faster immigration processing on arrival via access to fast track entry and exit through special ‘APEC’ lanes at major airports. There are currently 16 APEC economies participating in the ABTC scheme with more expected to join in 2005.

(Courtesy of the Melbourne Convention & Visitors Bureau)


For a 6 day forecast see

Expect sunny weather and temperatures of 71F/22C during daytime and 52F/11C during nights. A hat and sun screen are recommended. When travelling towards the Twelve Apostles, temperatures will be 5F/2C cooler but from personal experience more changeable and windy (watch your hat).

Transportation from Airport

To reach the Rendez Vous Hotel in Melbourne, catch the Skybus.

For those who are prepared to pay for convenience, taxis are available from the ground floor level of Melbourne Airport, outside the International Terminal both domestic Terminals. Expect to pay around A$80 to A$85 for a return trip between the CBD and Melbourne Airport.

If you intend to drive, click here for a map from Melbourne Tullamarine airport to the Rendez Vous Hotel (328 Flinders Street).

Car Rentals

The conference venue is well served by public transport, and parking could be a problem within the city. In Australia, cars drive on the LEFT hand side of the road. Cars in Australia have the steering wheel on the right hand side. There is a toll associated with the use of the “CityLink” freeway. In addition, Melbourne central business district is unique in having some “fish hook” turns. In streets with Trams, look for signs above your heads indicating right turn from left hand side of the road. If you intend to hire a car, the following website may be of use:

If you intend to drive, the Crown Casino car park would be your best option. It is located across the other side of the river, with best access from Kings Way:


Costs: For details of costs, see.

Driving directions to anywhere in Australia.


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Electric Power

240V at 50 Hz via plugs are used in Australia. You need a US$3-adapter if your equipment is from other countries. If your equipment does not accept this voltage you will need a US$30 transformer with sufficient continuous power. All Suites will have facilities to make tea and coffee, alarm clock, fridge, TV, telephone. You may need to inquire about internet connections.

Special dates

November the 6th is Melbourne Cup Day. November 6th is a public holiday in Victoria. On the afternoon of November the 6th, this race “stops the nation”.

Shopping for Low-Cost Airline Tickets

Search (with lowest-cost travel dates),, Delta Airlines low-fare site:

US: Southwest: Click ‘n’ save, AmericaWest: Specials, Delta Air: Special Offers

Europe: Delta Air: Fall into Europe Sale , American Airlines: Europe savings, United Airways: Fall European Escapes, Northwest Airlines: Fall sale to Europe, British Airways,

Other: Air Canada: Specials, Continental Air: Specials, Database of airlines around the globe

Lowest Air Fare Examples 

(For International flights, check price when arriving on Saturday or earlier and stay for US$99/day at the conference hotel):
Amsterdam, NL US$1360 (British Airways)
Boston, US US$2075 (America Airlines, Air New Zealand)
London, UK US$1628 (QANTAS)
Los Angeles, US US$1495-$1600 (United Airlines, Air New Zealand)
Montreal, CA US$2091 (QANTAS)
Mumbai, IN US$1020 (Malaysian Airlines)
Hong Hong US$1330 (Air New Zealand)
Paris, FR US$1365 (British Airways)
Seoul, KR US$1218 (Malaysian Airlines)
Tokyo, JP US$1616 (Thai Air)

Search Engines for Travel Within Australia

Australia is the size of the continental United States, and so you may find it difficult to drive to places of interest outside Victoria (e.g. Uluru, Great Barrier Reef). There are fewer airlines competing within the Australian domestic market. The cheaper airlines may supply food and drink on board at a price. Check the guidelines as to what can be carried on board the airplanes. For International flights containers of greater than 100ml should go in check in luggage.

For details of comparative costs, see the following websites: