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Sunday 13
From 18.00 to 20.30
Registration and Welcome Party

Monday 14

8.30 Opening Welcome from the President of the Society
Welcome from the Conference organizers
A. Vinter & J-L. Velay
9.00 Invited talk A computational approach to forensic sciences
K. Franke
10.00 Coffee break and
Poster session
A combining method of non-linear normalization to support reading damaged character pattern on historical documents
A. Kitadai, M. Nakagawa, H. Baba & A. Watanabe
10.30 Signature analysis and authentification






Analysis of Signature Complexity
L.C. Alewijnse, E. Van Den Heuvel, R.D. Stoel & K. Franke
Towards a protocol for forensic document examination based on handwriting generation
S. Frontini, G. Giordano & A. Marcelli
Towards an inferred data accuracy assessment of forensic examination methodologies for signatures
R. Guest, M. Fairhurst & A. Linnell
Evaluation of novel features and different models for online signature verification in a real-world scenario
M. Liwicki
Pen pressure as a discriminatory feature between genuine and forged signatures
L. Mohammed, B. Found, M. Caligiuri & D. Rogers.
14.00 Parkinson’s Disease, Movement Disorders and Handwriting analysis







Complex bimanual coordination is performed accurately using verbal instructions in Parkinson’s Disease patients
A.W. Van Gemmert, S. Ringenbach, H. Shill & G. Stelmach
Assessments of fine motor control in Parkinson’s Disease patients with the Neuroskill™ analysis of handwriting dynamics
R. Shrairman & A. Landau
Parkinson’s Disease differentially affects adaptation to gradual as compared to sudden visuomotor distortions
A.Venkatakrishnan, J. Banquet, Y. Burnod & J. Contreras-Vidal
Handwriting performance measures of “real life” tasks: A comparison between the performance of patients with Parkinson’s Disease and controls
S. Rosenblum, M. Samuel, S. Zlotnik & I. Schlesinger
Movement analysis for stroke susceptibility assessment
C. O’Reilly, R. Plamondon, B. Clément, P. Mathieu & L-H. Lebrun
Handwriting in patients with Parkinson’s Disease: effect of L-Dopa and stimulation of the sub-thalamic nucleus on motor anticipation
C. Bidet-Ildei, S. Kandel, P. Pollack & J-P. Orliaguet
Designing an Ensemble Classifier for classifying parkinsonian handwriting
S. Chandra, D. Subramanian, V. Chakravarthy, A. Srinivasan, J. Kumar
16.20 Coffee break and
Poster session
Automatic analysis of on-line sketch based on use of local descriptors
N. Renau-Ferrer & C. Rémi
Writer identification of Arabic documents by multi-scale modelling
Z. Shi, S. Setlur & V. Govindaraju
17.00 Invited talk Brain and Parkinson’s disease
A.L. Benabid
18.00 Social event Wine Degustation


Tuesday 15

8.30 Invited talk Language and Writing Development
V. Connelly
9.30 Coffee break and
Poster session 
Temporal aspects of Handwriting skill development: A computerized study utilizing the ComPET
L. Gafni & S. Rosenblum
Gender and stereotype effect on children’s handwriting speed
K. Semoglou, E. Griva & K. Klapadora
Impact of children’s handwriting skill on execution periods and text quality
T. Olive, R.A. Alves, S.L. Castro & M. Branco
10.00 Language and Handwriting production



For a psycholinguistic approach of handwriting production
S. Kandel
Syllable frequency effects in Spanish handwriting production
O. Alfonso & C. Alvarez
Handwriting variability in children writing letters: a study in dyslexics, dysgraphics and proficient handwriters
J-L. Velay, F. Henin, C. Moulin, T. Thomas, I. Devos-Charles & M. Habib
11.00 Forensics and Handwriting variability




Bayesian evaluation of the shape of handwritten characters “a”
R. Marquis, S. Bozza, M. Schmittbuhl & F . Taroni
Disguising writers identification: an experimental study
C. De Stefano, A. Marcelli & M. Rendina
Handwriting variability in movement disorder patients and effects of fatigue
H. Harralson, H-L. Teulings & B. Farley
Comparing Handwriting variability under four postural conditions
E. Sciacca, M-B. Langlois-Peter, J-C. Gilhodes, P. Margot & J-L. Velay
14.00 Development: Handwriting and drawing






Haptics in handwriting teaching
F. Bara, A. Hillairet de Boisferon & E. Gentaz
Early development of writing skills: A longitudinal study with preschool writers
O. Soler & S. Kandel
The links between motor development and the development of handwriting among eight-to-eleven-year-olds
I. Sage, P. Zesiger & C. Garitte
A comparison of three methods of learning to write a new letterform
A.Overvelde & W. Hulstijn
Developmental and handedness effects on tapping and drawing performance in 3- to-6 year olds
H. Van Mier
15.40 Coffee break and
Poster session 
The development of gender and task related differences in fine motor tasks
A. Ypslanti, A. Zikouli, K. Semoglou & E. Kadrefi
Do 5-year-old children and adults spontaneously draw “golden rectangles and triangles”?
E. Gentaz & V. Izard
Handwriting difficulties in Tunisian children: a descriptive study
S. Bouamama, N. Stucchi, P. Zesiger & I. Bouzaoueche
16.10 Handwriting recognition and signature verification





Offline cursive character recognition: a state-of-the art comparison
J. Thornton, J. Faichney, M. Blumenstein V. Nguyen & T. Hine
Modeling relative positioning of handwritten patterns
A. Delaye, S. Mace & E. Anquetil
A Handwritten Pashto Database with multi-aspects for handwriting recognition
M. Shah, C. Lei He, N. Nobile & C. Y. Suen
Using Bayesian networks for combining classifiers: a new evolutionary learning algorithm
C. De Stefano, F. Fontanella, A. Marcelli & A. Scotto di Freca
Model approach to DTW signature verification using error signals
J. Putz-Leszczynska & A. Pacut
Text identification from mixed documents using weighted features
X. Peng, S. Setlur, V.Govindaraju & R.Sitaram
19.00 Social event Conference dinner


Wednesday 16

9.00 Invited talk Brain and Handwriting
J.F. Demonet
10.00 Coffee break and
Poster session
Visuo-motor tracking in a pursuit loop-drawing task
J. Yank & A. Van Gemmert
The role of basal ganglia in performing simple reaching movements: a computational model
M. Mohamed, V. Chakravarthy, D. Subramanian & B. Ravindran
10.30 Drawing and handwriting: Movement disorders



A computer learning model using hand-drawn images for the assessment of visuo-spatial neglect
Y. Liang, M.Fairhurst, R. Guest & J. Potter
Pen grip force in writer’s cramp
J. Hermsdörfer, C. Marquardt, A. Schneider, W. Fürholzer & B. Baur
The intermittency of Braille reading finger velocities
B. Hughes, A. Van Gemmert & G. Stelmach
11.30 Handwriting: Perception and     production



Neural correlates of the visual perception of handwritten letters
M. Longcamp, Y. Hlushchuk & R. Hari
Effects of orientation and eccentricity on graphomotor coordination dynamics
J. Dann, S. Athenes & P.G. Zanone
Does graphic shapes perception mirror handwriting patterns production
Y. Wamain, V. Kostrubiec, M. Longcamp, J. Tallet  & P.G. Zanone
14.00 Neuroscience




Intentional control and biomechanical exploitation in preparatory handwriting
I. Bosga-Stork, J.  Bosga & R.G.J. Meulenbroek
Some relationships between eye movements and handwriting
J. Sebastian, D.K. Rogers & J.C. Sita
Circadian Rhythm in Handwriting: Comparison of German and Dutch handwriting kinematics in two 40 h-sleep deprivation protocols
I. Jasper, M. Gordijn, A. Haüssler, C. Marquardt & J. Hermsdörfer
A comparison of some analytical models describing the velocity profile of rapid movements
M. Djioua & R. Plamondon
15.20  Historical Document processing



Contour based features for the classification of ancient manuscripts
I. Siddiqi, F. Cloppet & N. Vincent
Copying and composition in scribal culture
A. Conti
16.00 Coffee break and
Poster session
Requirements for intelligent pen based annotation systems: an exemplary study with semantic eInk
M. Liwicki & A. Dengel
Multi-script baseline detection using perceptive vision
A. Lemaitre, J. Camillerapp & B. Coüasnon
16.30 Identification and  Generation



Writer identification for multi-script multi-writer manuscript
U. Garain & T. Paquet
A complete method of personal handwriting synthesis
S. Chowdhury, S. Das & D. Roy
17.10 Closure Closure of the Conference


Thursday 17 (registration needed)
Visit to Les Hospices de Beaune and l’Abbaye de Fontenay