Topics of interest are:

·      Brain-mind-machines: Brain-Machine/Computer Interfaces, Rehabilitation robotics, bio-robotics, Optimizing performance

·      Computational models: Biomechanical models; Cognitive models; Neural network based models;

·      Pattern recognition: Human reading; Pen computing; On-line and off-line recognition; Writer identification and recognition; Signature verification, Interface technology;

·      Education & Fine arts: Handwriting and drawing skill evaluation; Teaching handwriting; Learning handwriting; History, Art & Music.

·      Analysis of fine motor control: Recording; Tracking; Processing; Tools;

·      Neuroscience: Development, planning, control, learning and adaptation of grasping, writing, & drawing movements; Neuroimaging; Brain mapping

·      Medical applications: Movement disorders; biomarkers and drugs; rehabilitation therapies

·      Forensic applications: Handwriting features; Signature verification; Methods and Computer Tools (e.g. personnel screening devices, etc.)