The campus of Todaiji Temple ( in Nara, Japan. Todaiji is the largest wooden building in the world.

Pre-conference Tour

We will guide you from Hotel Nikko Nara (JAL hotel) to Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties where you can see rebuilt Daikokuden shown below, excavated materials from the ancient palace site of more than 1300 years ago and how digital archiving is being made. It is free and your spouse is also welcome. Interested people should e-mail to and come to the hotel lobby until 2:40 p.m. on June 10.

Daigokuden (rebuilt) of Heijo Palace Site

Welcome reception is held at Yume-Kaze plaza near Todaiji from 6:00 p.m. on June 10, 2013
See the following area map

We make an excursion to nearby temples listed in UNESCO world heritage and Japanese National Treasure in the afternoon on June 12, 2013.

  1. Todaiji daibutsu den search: todaiji daibutsu den
  2. Kasuga-taisha

Group Picture
Group picture will be taken right after the excursion and before the Poster session.

Banquette is held in Hotel Nikko Nara (JAL hotel) from 7:00 p.m. on June 12, 2013.

There are several restaurants in Yume-Kaze plaza where the reception is held. Since people are not allowed to eat in the campus of Todaiji, we recommend you to take lunch there.

Optional tour

We provide an optional tour to Kyoto on June 14, 2013. A taxi or shuttle takes participants up to 4 or 8 for each car from Nikko Nara hotel to most famous historical spots in Kyoto. Price is about 40,000 yen for a taxi and 50,000 yen for a shuttle, which will be shared by the participants. Please e-mail, if you are interested in the tour. Our original plan was to use a large limousine bus by more than 30 participants. But, we have changed to the new plan, since it is more flexible. If you cannot make a private trip to Kyoto, we recommend you to join this tour. We will visit the following places (some of them might be skipped depending on the circumstance):

  1. Kinkaku-ji
  2. Ryoan-ji (stone garden){5838cda48b25bfacf5b2f22f4163990392272c6711234cc13bf0bdab701c8263}C5{5838cda48b25bfacf5b2f22f4163990392272c6711234cc13bf0bdab701c8263}8Dan-ji
  3. Nijo-castle{5838cda48b25bfacf5b2f22f4163990392272c6711234cc13bf0bdab701c8263}C5{5838cda48b25bfacf5b2f22f4163990392272c6711234cc13bf0bdab701c8263}8D_Castle
  4. Ginkaku-ji
  5. Kiyomizu-dera

Spouse Program
We are preparing a spouse program to visit famous temples on June 11 and 13 if the number of participants is manageable size. Nara is the ancient capital of more than 1,300 year ago so that there are so many treasures.

  1. Koufukuji
  2. Houryuji{5838cda48b25bfacf5b2f22f4163990392272c6711234cc13bf0bdab701c8263}C5{5838cda48b25bfacf5b2f22f4163990392272c6711234cc13bf0bdab701c8263}8Dry{5838cda48b25bfacf5b2f22f4163990392272c6711234cc13bf0bdab701c8263}C5{5838cda48b25bfacf5b2f22f4163990392272c6711234cc13bf0bdab701c8263}AB-ji
  3. Chuguji{5838cda48b25bfacf5b2f22f4163990392272c6711234cc13bf0bdab701c8263}C5{5838cda48b25bfacf5b2f22f4163990392272c6711234cc13bf0bdab701c8263}ABg{5838cda48b25bfacf5b2f22f4163990392272c6711234cc13bf0bdab701c8263}C5{5838cda48b25bfacf5b2f22f4163990392272c6711234cc13bf0bdab701c8263}AB-ji
  4. Yakushiji
  5. Toshodaiji{5838cda48b25bfacf5b2f22f4163990392272c6711234cc13bf0bdab701c8263}C5{5838cda48b25bfacf5b2f22f4163990392272c6711234cc13bf0bdab701c8263}8Dsh{5838cda48b25bfacf5b2f22f4163990392272c6711234cc13bf0bdab701c8263}C5{5838cda48b25bfacf5b2f22f4163990392272c6711234cc13bf0bdab701c8263}8Ddai-ji

If your spouse is interested in the program, please e-mail to the general chair: