With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the healthcare industry is being pushed beyond its limits. Clinical medicine as we know it, is about to undergo a massive digital transformation, and this has catapulted Telemedicine to an essential role in the healthcare industry. Telemedicine is being widely adopted as it helps in mitigating the risk of COVID-19 and also is an efficient and convenient way for doctor consultations, and it will be the best suited option even after the pandemic ends.

We argue that this change will also tremendously accelerate the proliferation of remote application of motion-analysis and forensic handwriting analysis techniques, along with the accumulation of quality digital data available for these purposes. The only element lacking is the platform that is able to collect high quality health-related motion data while simultaneously helping doctors provide more efficient care.

Our vision with patient >record (www.patient-record.com) is just to fill that gap.

We at Cursor Insight are a world-class motion analysis company, winner of the SigWIComp2015 on-line signature verification competition. Since then we have ventured down a long way on the bumpy road of signature verification and motion data analysis in general. To name a few steps, we have created a biometric signature validation product for multiple regional banks, perfected our deep learning models, applied our expertise in cybersecurity (graboxy.com) and healthcare (under trials Parkinson diagnostic device). Meanwhile we have also published our extensive research about the deficiencies of the best available devices for recording biometric signatures. (see our blogpost and article).

Now we are using our experience to launch patient >record and change the way the world thinks about telemedicine.

Patient >record is an asynchronous video message application that lets patients or their caregivers carry out and record medical checkups from the safety of their homes and without making a physical appointment. Doctors have access to a curated video instruction library and can record their own video instructions as well. Patients get notified when a checkup is due, and can follow the on-screen video instructions received from their doctors. Doctors can review full-HD, GDPR-compliant patient videos at any time.

Patient >record will also use our proprietary AI technology to pre-assess fine motor movements in the patient videos. We added a live video call and a survey feature to create a unified platform for both regular offline medical examinations and scheduled online consultations.

What’s more, our platform can be seamlessly applied to collect handwriting data for forensic and/or medical analysis, and research. Along with testing, we are open for discussions about collaboration and possible grant applications.

Our long term vision is to extend patient >record to support a multitude of different modalities (gyroscopic and acceleration data, ECG, EEG,  etc.) and provide a unified application for doctors and researchers. Telemedicine will be the future of healthcare, are you onboard with patient >record? We would love to hear from you.

Patient >record. Effortless medical checkups. Anytime. Anywhere.

– Péter Molnár, Judit Berg, Sanket Sapkal, and Erika Griechisch at Cursor Insight Ltd.